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New Quarantine Recommendations

UNION COUNTY - The Union County Center for Human Development (CHD) has updated its quarantine recommendations. If a close contact does not develop symptoms during 10 days of quarantine, they will be able to return to school, work and other activities on the 11th day. The change to quarantine time is based on research showing the likelihood of close contacts contracting or spreading COVID-19 after day 10 is low. CHD continues to recommend a 14 day quarantine as the safest option, but it is now allowing quarantine to end after 10 days as long no symptoms develop during the quarantine period.

This update is being made in part to reduce the burden of quarantine time on students and our local businesses and workforce. “We understand that for many people in our community the 14 day quarantine creates significant challenges and hardships” shares Carrie Brogoitti, Public Health Administrator at CHD. “This is particularly true for close household contacts that cannot start quarantine until after the isolation period of a household member ends.” Even though CHD is now allowing a 10 day quarantine, it continues to recommend a 14 day quarantine whenever possible because this is still the safest option. This change makes it more essential for people to closely monitor their symptoms and not return to school or work if symptoms develop during their quarantine period. “We know it can take up to 14 days for illness to develop so we ask people to stay extra vigilant for the full 14 days and isolate themselves immediately if symptoms develop” states Ms. Brogoitti.

Under the new quarantine protocol:
The shortened quarantine is for those without symptoms. Testing is recommended for close contacts that develop symptoms.

All close contacts will still monitor for symptoms for 14 days.

Fully vaccinated individuals (individuals who are two weeks after their second dose of vaccine or single dose of Johnson & Johnson) do not need to quarantine unless they have symptoms.

This shortened quarantine does not apply to residents and patients of long-term care facilities, adult family/foster homes, residential healthcare settings, inpatient health care settings or correction facilities.

There is no option to “test out” of quarantine.

The goal continues to be keeping our community healthy, reducing strain on our hospital, keeping our children in school, and supporting our local businesses and workforce. Limiting the spread of COVID-19 supports this goal. Proven tactics that limit the spread of COVID-19 include vaccination, social distancing, wearing masks, staying home when sick, isolating positive cases, quarantining close contacts, keeping surfaces clean and washing hands.
Free drive-up testing is being offered by the Oregon Health Authority. No appointment or registration needed, just show up on Tuesday October 19th or 26th at the Bi-Mart parking lot in La Grande between the hours of 10 am and 1 pm and they will administer the test free of charge. You should expect to get your results within 3-5 days.

Vaccines are available at local pharmacies, doctor’s offices and CHD. Currently, Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson are available. General information about quarantine and isolation is available on the CDC website.

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