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We are Different
At CHD, we are focused on caring for our clients at the highest level possible. We value every client we serve and strive to make a difference in their lives and in our community. We are Union County's local health department and community mental health program.

Mission Statement
"Working for Healthy Communities"

"Operate a well-managed business to provide community-based health and human services in a responsive manner."

Staff and teams who adapt to meet the needs of customers

Values that are customer-driven rather than rigid or procedure-driven

Continual learning and change

Highly motivated, self-directed teams who are innovative, creative, and entrepreneurial

Self-Managed Teams
Staff members at CHD are organized into self-managed teams. Self-managed teams consists of skilled professionals who are in charge of their own work and accountable to one another. Without the usual managerial supervision, self-managed teams work together to reach common goals to achieve CHD's strategic mission and goals.

CHD moved from a top-down team structure to self-directed teams early in its history. This was done to save costs and meet the challenges of a rapidly changing health care industry. CHD is now a flat organization fully utilizing self-directed teams, which has helped provide increased flexibility and innovation throughout the organization.

CHD is a not-for-profit corporation responsible to a Board of Directors. Union County contracts with CHD to be the local health department and community mental health program. The Administrative Council team consist of six people who run CHD's day to day operations and act as the organization's CEO.

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CHD is dedicated to working for healthy communities.

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Center for Human Development, Inc.
2301 Cove Avenue
La Grande, OR 97850
In order to receive government funding, the Center for Human Development, Inc. (CHD) is required by state and county policies to charge for services it provides to the public. However no one will be denied clinical services because of an inability to pay. CHD does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, national origin, family status, age or disability. For further information on this policy contact Human Relations, 541-962-8811 or TTY 1-800-735-2900 or 711.

The Center for Human Development, Inc. is a Tobacco-Free Zone. Oregon law prohibits the use of all tobacco products in CHD buildings and on CHD property. OAR 515.051.0065